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Do not publish the unreliable teacher data reports!


These reports, which rated 12,700 NYC teachers based solely on the 2010 test scores of their students, filtered through a complicated value-added formula, are seen by most experts as highly unreliable, based on false or incomplete data and include huge margins of error.
Even the panel of "technical experts" handpicked by DOE said they could not endorse the use of these for accountability, promotion or tenure" purposes, pointing out that "test scores capture only one dimension of teacher effectiveness,  they are not intended to serve as a summary measure of teacher performance" and that "there are likely to be additional factors not yet considered that influence student achievement."
There is no other profession in the public or private sector in which this kind of unreliable and potentially damaging information is made public, and the main effect would be to further undermine teacher morale -- already at an all-time low in this city.

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  • Education editor of the NY Times
    Jodi Rudoren
  • Managing editor of the Wall St. Journal
    Almar Latour
  • Editor in chief, NY Post
    Col Allen
  • Asst. News Editor of the Daily News
    Carrie Melago
  • Editor in chief, Daily News
    Colin Myler
  • Public editor of NY Times
    Arthur S. Brisbane
  • Executive editor of the Wall St. Journal
    Alan Murray

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