Medical examiner to release Evee Clobes's paraffin-embedded tissue blocks for study.

Medical examiner to release Evee Clobes's paraffin-embedded tissue blocks for study.

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Started by Justice for Evee

My beautiful daughter, Evee Gayle Clobes, died on March 1st, 2019, 36 hours after her 6 month vaccinations, Pediarix & Prevnar.

Evee received a very poor autopsy, her brain was not studied, just weighed and externally examined. This is NOT normal practice for SIDS deaths. There were several strands of streptococcus and e. coli in Evee's heart blood, definitely not normal, that were marked as "non signifcant". This was likely contamination in the lab. There was no CBC done, not even a check on Evee's white blood count! This was either done, and kept out of the report, or purposely not done. Her spleen was 4 times it's size, but no explanation. The cerebellum had a "hypoxic ischemic change" that is one of the tissues that we need to examine, the lividity completely contradicts itself throughout the investigative report and the autopsy report, and the original cause of death was "undetermined" and "co-sleeping" was a concerning condition even though there is nothing showing that it was. 

Two days after I asked the medical examiner for a part of Evee's brain that was never sent, and for her to do a confirmation test on a cellular infiltration found in one of the tissues, she sent me a letter, full of bold-faced lies and discrepancies, stating she just saw "a report from law enforcement she had never seen before". She stated she would be changing Evee's cause of death to positional asphyxiation, and that she was aware of my desire to petition "vaccine court", and that she was done with my "haphazard requests" and would not be providing anymore tissue to support my "vaccine court" case.

There is a medical examiner who is holding Evee's tissues "hostage" because there is a lack of law in place that is allowing her to do so. A cellular infiltration triggered by an immune response after Evee's 6 month vaccinations was found on a slide from one of these tissues, and this tissue needs to be studied completely so we can see how damaged it was. I have had to retain a lawyer separate from a "vaccine court" lawyer to help obtain the tissues. A demand letter was sent, and again, the medical examiner said that she would be retaining the tissues indefinitely as the law says that she is able to do so. The next step is a "writ of mandamus" and court. I am trying to avoid having to do this. The medical examiner is willing to give up any formalin fixed organ samples, but not the paraffin-embedded tissue blocks, 1-12. These are the tissues that we need. 

A mother simply wants her late daughter's remaining tissues to be studied fully so she can find out what really happened to her daughter, and get as much necessary evidence to pursue any further case in court. It is completely unjust that is examiner's office is holding these tissues from me, and it's very concerning as to why. The office has no further use for them. If there is nothing to hide, then you hide nothing.

Your signature on this petition supports the medical examiner releasing the tissues to a designated university to be studied, so her mother can find peace and closure.

47,548 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!