Keep Chinatown Whole - Urgent Response Needed


Keep Chinatown Whole - Urgent Response Needed

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Started by Julie Ric3

Demand equity, compassion, respect and dignity for Chinatown. Demand fair and inclusive representation. Do Not Divide Up Chinatown! Keep Our Community in One Council District!

PLEASE NOTE: The need is to WRITE/COMMENT to the Redistricting Office and to Attend the Upcoming meetings see below. It is not to sign this petition, use step 1, step 2  step 3 below to follow through on making a real impact on this effort.

Although sure yes sign this petition.

Chinatown residents urgently call on your support by writing a response in opposition to the proposed Redistricting Map vis a vis the Redistricting Commission of Los Angeles. 

Step 1: Email the redistricting office and Frank Cardenas and Fred Ali, Commission Chair see below:

Rest of the Commission if you really want to do this right: 

Step 2: Submit your Comment on the link below: 

Step 2 Submit Comment Directly to the Redistricting Commisssion Office

Keep Chinatown Whole

Use these Talking Points for Step 2 :

Chinatown is one of the oldest communities in Los Angeles and is home to immigrants, the elderly, the working class, and families of color. The current boundaries of Chinatown have been shaped by historic racist land-use practices that have left a legacy of predatory developments and gentrification. For residents to stand a chance in advocating for community needs & better resources Chinatown must remain whole & together in one council district.

Located at 600 N Broadway, 1 block south of the proposed CD 1 boundary, Cathay Manor is senior housing made up of elderly, income-restricted, disabled Asian immigrants with limited/no English. These residents are valued members of the Chinatown community, they attend to all their needs in Chinatown, where they can get around and speak in their native languages. Please do not separate Chinatown into 2 districts, we are one community, and Cathay Manor needs to be in CD1 with the rest of the neighborhood.

The new map proposes to relocate the boundary of CD1 in Chinatown from Cesar Chavez Ave & Alameda St. to Hill & Ord St. This splits our historic community into two. The new boundary separates the iconic gateway statue, as well as many of our residents from the rest of Chinatown.  Are you saying that the entrance to Chinatown is not part of the rest of the community?  How can that be?  Please respect Chinatown and our community members and keep Chinatown whole and in one Council District.

Step 3: Call in on Saturday, October 16, 2021, at 10:00 AM -put it on your calendar now. 

There are two upcoming meetings where we can make our voices heard. Join us in calling into the remaining hearings or submit your written comments HERE:

Call 1-669-254-5252 or 833 568 8864 (Toll Free) and use Meeting ID No. 161 545 4787 to listen in. Press #, and press # again when prompted for participant ID
Meeting ID No. 161 545 4787 or
Wednesday, 10/13 @ 6pm
Saturday, 10/16 @ 10am

Article LAist for more information


This petition made change with 89 supporters!

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