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Do not destroy the evidence from the doping trial

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Operation Puerto was the biggest operation against doping in the history of Spanish sports. It took 7 years for the investigation and 3 more for the trial. The investigation and the trial proved the existence of a doping network that involving hundreds of athletes. 

Despite this, 3 out of 5 people accused have been acquitted and the other two won't even have to enter prison.

But more importantly, the judge has ordered the destruction of the 200 blood samples seized by the Police. These samples are the only evidence to identify the athletes involved in the doping network.

Many athletes all over the world have publicly stated that this decision is a shame. Honest athletes deserve to know the names of those that have cheated by using forbidden substances. In order to do that, national and international anti-doping entities need to be able to analyse these blood samples for DNA and find those who cheated.

As a sport journalist I believe that the prestige of Spanish sport is at stake. Even the International Olympic Committee has regretted that the Spanish judicial system has not allowed anti-doping organisations to access the blood samples. Destroying these blood samples would only add to the bad reputation that Spain does not fight doping.

Help me clean the name of Spanish sport. Sign my petition and ask the Spanish authorities to not destroy the blood samples.

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