Do not build the dolphinarium park in Bahia de Huatulco, Oaxaca

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At the beginning of April 2016, Dolphin Discovery which originated in Cancun, announced it’s intention to expand into the Bays of Huatulco (Bahías de Huatulco) on the pacific coast of Mexico. According to the online newspaper La Economista, the corporation wants to build a new dolphinarium the size of 3 thousand 300 meters squared.

Through this petition, we call upon the  governor Darío Pacheco Venegas, local president of Santa María Huatulco,  not to grant permission for the dolphinarium to be built in Huatulco.

 The Bays of Hautulco are classified as Centres of Intregal Planning (CIP, Centro Integralmente Planeado) where the dynamic tourist economy is always accompanied with environmental responsibility, so much so that this destination is classed as one of Mexico’s top 5 most sustainable beaches, according to Forbes.  It was also labelled “golden paradise of sustainable developement” in national and international media.

 Huatulco will always, fortunately, receive investment projects which generate wealth for the population as we all support the development of our community.   However, through awareness and love of nature we are obligated to completely reject the construction of the dolphinarium. We believe dolphins should not be, for any reasons, kept in captivity carrying out unnatural acts which go against their instincts for entertainment of the public.

 On a national level there are over 350 captive dolphins, plus manatees and sea lions kept in captivity.  These marine animals are exploited by the entertainment industry under the excuse of “education or conservation of the sepcies”. However, in Huatulco we respect these amazing animals and already learn from them by observing them in their natural habitat, without any need to keep them caged.

 We propose that Mexico turns it’s back on this multimillion pound industry and sets a leading example by showing  awareness and respect for people and for the environment, on a national and international level.  This is the first step in the coming years, to completely elimanate all the dolphinaria in Mexico, promoting the creation of sanctuaries where animals can have a dignified life in accordance with to their own needs. 

 We look for development in Huatulco which will maintain the coherence of the current model ensuring it stays a wonderful destination which respects nature;  A beach destination where economic development and respect for nature go hand in hand. 

It is for these reasons that we ask the Mayor of Santa María Huatulco Darío Pacheco Venegas not to grant a licence to build a dolphinarium in Huatulco.