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Do NOT approve the proposed 121 MILE CONSTITUTION PIPELINE through Susquehanna County PA , Broome, Chenango, Delaware and Schoharie Counties, NY

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission sought public comment on a 121 mile proposed Constitution Pipeline project to run from Susquehanna County to northern New York. Their "Scoping period" was extended a full month to November 9th 2012.  They are determining if this pipeline is in the public interest. We oppose this project.   We believe this pipeline, all other gas pipelines of this nature and hydrofracking, (with all it's leaks, radioactivity, explosions, spills, sink holes, water usage, earthquakes, silica dust, disposal issues to name a few), is not safe. We believe this 121 mile natural gas pipeline project that would cut through Susquehanna County PA and portions of Broome, Chenango, Delaware and Schoharie Counties in NY, and any associated compressor station(s) is definitely without question NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.  We believe it benefits the corporate few.  We believe in supporting clean renewable energy. We oppose fracking and want it banned. Fracking, pipelines and compressor stations are fraught with disaster, (they fail, spill, leak, flare, spew, explode...) emitting toxins into our country air, water and land. We have had enough of it!  We want it stopped! We have seen the damage, heard the stories, and want it banned. Immediately.  Read this account where people spoke their minds at a "scoping meeting" open to the general public. (copy and paste it isn't clickable):  -  If you agree with us that this pipeline / compressor station(s) is not wanted, and is NOT in the public interest, please sign this petition. Thank you for your help.  

12/11/12 BREAKING NEWS - Gas Pipeline explodes in West Virginia decimating 4 homes and damaging 5 others -

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    Marilyn Burke
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    Michael Krancer

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