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The Kennedy's, our country, and humanity suffered a great loss yesterday, with the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy; who will be missed, deeply.  In memory of Ted, "The Lion of the Senate", the second longest serving Senator in our countries Congress, he serving for 47 years, let's finish what he started, let's get universal healthcare, healthcare in every pot; please, advocate for singlepayer healthcare, with CCA, Community Choice Act (for the handicapped, disabled, etc.); H.R. 676 & S. 703, are the best of the lot, so far; i.m.h.o..

AAUW Action Network: Now This is Scary   :)

Now This is Scary   :)

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 You've heard the myths, the lies, and the scare tactics circulating about health care reform.  Death panels.  Loss of private insurance.  Cuts to Medicare.  Rationing of care.  It's scary stuff.  Thankfully, we know you don't buy it.  What's really scary is what will happen without health care reform. 
Without health care reform, insurance companies could continue the discriminatory practice of gender rating, and women could continue to pay monthly premiums ranging from four percent to 48 percent higher for individually-purchased health care plans than men.  That's scary.
Without health care reform, insurance coverage for basic reproductive health care services for women could continue to be denied.  That's scary.
Without health care reform, access to and coverage of preventive services like screenings, immunizations, and educational material may not be covered or expanded, and women could continue to die of preventable and treatable diseases.  That's scary. 
You've told your members of Congress that these three key elements must be included in any final health care reform legislation.  Now, tell a friend to do the same
While there is no shortage of proposals for how health care reform should be achieved, AAUW's emphasis is not on pushing one proposal over another, but instead ensuring that whichever program ultimately emerges provides access to quality and affordable health care for all Americans. 
Health care is intrinsically tied to economic security; this is particularly true for women, who earn less than men on average and use more health care services than men do.  These two factors-less income, more costs-mean women face a high level of health care insecurity.  Health care reform is necessary now more than ever, and it must focus on the need for access and affordability-in a way that is equitable to women.
Take Action!Forward this message to a friend, and ask them to urge their members of Congress to support legislation that provides Americans with access to quality, affordable health care that is equitable to women.  They can use the link below to send their message.
For more information, visit AAUW's new health care issue page and read AAUW's new health care position paper.
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