DNC: Open the Democratic Primary Debates to All 3 candidates!

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Now that the Democratic presidential primary contest has consolidated into a race between just 3 candidates, it is important for the DNC to give one last chance for sitting Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

While the DNC relaxed its criteria in order to accommodate Democratic Party mega-donor Mike Bloomberg, by dramatically raising their criteria once again to exclude Congresswoman Gabbard -- a combat veteran who risked her life in service to the United States -- they are sending a very clear message that their playing field is rigged to favor the political establishment. 

With the DNC's blessing, Gabbard has faced a very harsh media environment, including CNN's blatant snubbing of her campaign in support of Democratic candidates who were polling beneath her in important early states. The DNC itself has created polling thresholds that have blocked various candidates from reaching some debates not because they weren't polling high enough, but because polls were not being conducted and released in the timeframe that would have even given them a chance. 

Instead of heavy-handed tactics by the party to favor some candidates over others, voters deserve to see candidates treated fairly and evenly, and to be empowered to make a well-informed decision when they enter the voting booth. The 2020 election thus far has seen the DNC and media gatekeepers making those decisions before those voters ever get a say.

Please tell the DNC to #OpenTheDNCdebates & #LetVotersDecide! It's time to #LetTulsiSpeak & #LetTulsiDebate!