Demand Ryo Oyamada's family be allowed to attend DMV hearing

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Ryo Oyamada was a Japanese student who was studying English in Manhattan. He was struck and killed by a NYPD patrol car in Queensbridge on February 21st 2013. His life was taken away instantly at the accident site. He was only 24 years old.

After the accident, the NYPD stated that the cruiser was responding to a 911 call and driving with its lights and siren on and they were blaming Ryo for the accident. However, the Oyamadas has found many contradictions with this statement. The court filings or their lawyer suggests the followings; (From Gothamist)
1. "Court filings suggest that Officer Ilardi, who killed Ryo, had a poor driving record, and that the NYPD had failed to retrain or discipline him for it."

2. "The NYPD failed to properly investigate the crash." "Officers responding to the scene dispersed all eyewitnesses, failed to measure skid marks, and did not check Ilardi's cell phone records to determine if he was using his phone when he struck, according to the lawsuit."

3. "When Officer Ilardi and his partner were interviewed by the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau shortly after the collision, they were set about changing the testimony of the sole remaining known eyewitness to the crash other than Ilardi—Ilardi's partner, Police Officer Carman,"

4. "Pausing the (NYCHA) video at several points appears to show that the cruiser's flashing lights were not on, which is contrary to informal NYPD statements." " NYPD representatives's explanation to "Oyamada's father, the NY Times, and a local community meeting that Officer Ilardi was responding to a 911 call and had his flashing lights on while driving down 40th Avenue.”

5. ”Radio transcripts and other evidence provided by the City suggest that Officer Ilardi was not assigned to the knife disturbance, nor did he tell anyone he was responding to an emergency. In fact, two other NYPD units had already been assigned to the call.”

6. "The videos were received in highly edited form and have time-stamps that are likely incorrect." "The most striking aspect of the video released by NYCHA may be what it omits."


The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) is also supposed to hold a safety hearing within a year. Yet two years after Ryo was killed, the DMV has yet to schedule the hearing.

The Oyamadas live in Japan, where it takes 13 hours to fly from to New York. Although it is not easy, they have managed to fly to New York several times after Ryo's death. They have planned to visit New York for the memorial of Ryo's second year anniversary in February. They have full intention to attend the DMV hearing. This is their first chance ever to see Officer Darren Illardi, who killed Ryo, and hear what happened from him.

Please sign the petition to support the family to attend the DMV hearing as well as to order the NYPD to publicly disclose the evidence from the NYPD investigation into Ryo's fatal crash. Ryo and his family deserve justice. 


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