Metro Connectivity to Mayur Vihar Phase 3

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Delhi Metro is renowned for it's connectivity. Most of all areas spanning NCR are connected by this, but one of the older settlements in Delhi, Mayur Vihar Phase III has been overlooked in each phase of the DMRC construction plans.

Mayur Vihar Phase-III Delhi 110096 is located close to NOIDA border on one side, Kondli and Kalyanpuri on the other side. There are three main villages in this area too: Dallupura, Kondli and Gharoli. Quite densely populated, this area is has a decent bus connectivity. Although, one of the most important means of connectivity in Delhi, the Delhi Metro doesn't even graze this place.

The closest stations are all half an hour away by transport. And this would have been understandable if Phase III had buses which ply at consistent and regular intervals to these metro stations. 

In today's world however, given the amount of pollution it's not very healthy to travel by road and could lead to respiratory problems. And given the high traffic, the transport time is also high. Metro Connectivity could lower the number of cars on the road and thereby lower the pollution. So it's both economically and environmentally viable to use the Metro.

We all know that unity is strength. So we, the people of Mayur Vihar Phase III, should all stand together to get Metro Connectivity to our locality.