DLRCOCO - Buy The Battery!

DLRCOCO - Buy The Battery!

9 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nicola Coleman

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The Battery at the Forty Foot is for sale.
This iconic building steeped in history sits on a site of almost half an acre straddling the Forty Foot and Sandycove bathing areas.

We have a wonderful opportunity to return the Battery to public ownership and for the Council to acquire the space it needs to develop vital facilities, meet its own objectives for creating suitable outdoor amenities that promote community health and wellbeing and to preserve and protect our architectural and historical heritage and our environment.

The Forty Foot and SandyCove are used all year round by thousands of people from the locality, from all over the city and country and by visiting guests from all over the world.

Everyone enjoys their dip but the space is frequently overcrowded and despite international renown, it lacks many basic facilities including-

  • Proper Life Guard Facilities
  • Toilet Facilities
  • First Aid Station 
  • Warm safe space for cold water swimmers (especially in winter)
  • Drinking water stations and refreshments
  • Showers
  • Space for local marine environmental groups and citizen ecologists 

The Council must be convinced to BUY THE BATTERY back!

This is our chance to make one great big splash together to have our voices heard! Please sign and share this petition calling for: 

DLRCOCO Councillors to support our campaign to Buy The Battery, to sign our petition and to pass a motion at council for immediate action that will ensure that the Council buys this important space so that it is returned to public ownership and developed to provide much needed amenities for the people.

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Signatures: 1,214Next Goal: 1,500
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