Save Borneo Orangutan and Maximum penalty for actors massacre !!!

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A shocking news and truly terrible of Borneonews today it makes us all creeps at once furious.
An orangutan killed in a block of Palm oil plantation and then cooked to eat.

This is so terrible and very inhuman.
Photos of the butchered orangutan provided by a witness show the beheaded animal sprawled on the ground next to a man holding a rifle.
One picture showed the orangutan's head floating in a pot.
In another, several people are cutting up the primate's flesh
This happens on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 yesterday di Blok F11 areal PT Susantri Permai, Desa Tumbang Puroh, Kecamatan Sei Hanyo, Kabupaten Kapuas but witness afraid to report this event to the police for fear of revenge of the actors.

Last July, the international Union for Conservation of Nature classified Borneo's orangutans US critically endangered.
It estimates their numbers have dropped by nearly two-thirds since the early 1970s and will further decline to 47,000 by 2025.
And more surprising is according to the recognition of plantation workers that, they have been killed almost 20 orangutan and proboscis monkey in 2011 to protect their crops.
These is can't be allowed to continue to happen.
Let save Borneo orangutan and we ask police to crack down on firm and prosecute actors massacre protected and these endangered species.
And we ask CEO and management PT Susantri Permai to participate responsible for what was conducted workers.
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