Justice for Chris folkes

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Chris Folkes was murderd brutally in 2009 by mohsin Mohammed for no reason, all my dad did wrong was walk through a park a park that should have been safe for family and people of all colour race and creed, but instead he was chased and sustained to such a vicious attack he was kicked so hard his brain split in half, he was left with a broken cheak bone and a fractured eye socket, witnesses said he kicked my father's head so hard his lifeless body rocked from the impact, but he didn't stop there even when witnesses begged for him to stop he proceeded to stamp down in my father's head, and when he had no life left in him unable to even defend him self he dragged his lifeless body towards the lake to drown him, he then discarded all evidence of his crime by hiding it in a mosque charity bin, and now he Continues to torture our family on the 11th of November 2016 he appealed to have his tariff reviewed and he was successful, instead of serving a minimum of 11years with out the possibility of parole a judge has deemed his sentence to be reduced,  currently in open conditions and now eligible for unescorted town relise and home visits how is this possible how can we be given and ounce of justice to now have it taken away, we want to fight we want to ensure our family dont have to bump into the person who destroyed there lives and tore a family apart. Imagine for second it was your child father brother, who was murderd in such a cold cruel way and you had to accept that you could bump into them in your local supermarket, while taking your children to school imagine the tourment the pain as you freeze stuck in the moment of when there life was taken. Being traumatized all over again could you do it. Are you happy knowing a murder is living on your streets walking next to your children, what happens next time he has a drink and an unlucky person walks past him that could be your family. according to the victims law we should have a voice within the criminal justice system, but we didn't get one, I'm asking everyone to please share this injustice and help us keep this killer behind bars where he belongs, or at least put of the blackburn area where his victims family call home because unless we prove it's within the public Interest we won't be heard, help give victims a voice give us a voice and most of all my dad, #justiceforchris please help victims stand up and be counted. Why is is offenders have more rights than us there views and wishes taken over ours we didnt take a life we didnt break the law but yet we are punished daily. Allways reminded of the crime against our family my son will never meet his grandad he never saw me graduate university. Hes left behind loving sisters and brothers neices and nephews. Who adored him they where like best friends and now there broken all over again. His mother and father theu should never have had to arrange there own childs funeral. Should never have to know that his killer will walk thease streets  when he will not. Put your selves in our position and live the daily tourment and make the choice to sign and keep a killer of our streets. Thank you for your support .