Drop charges for equality service celebrants

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***UPDATE*** according to the latest news, Szymon could face either prison or involuntary psychiatric hospitalization because of holding a Pride service. As Szymon is completely in his right mind - he just stands up for a sexual minority -, this decision is undoubtedly extreme. Let's try to make a change with our signatures! ***UPDATE***


I'm Amy, LGBT+ rights advocate from Hungary.

A few days ago, as a part of current anti-LGBT+ upheavals in Poland, Polish priests Rt. Rev. Szymon Niemiec and deacon Mariusz Wrzesinski were cited to court for ”offending religious feelings” for holding a religious service before Pride Equality March.

I'm a friend of Szymon through an international group of LGBT+ activists. As Hungarian, I know what it is like to live and work in an unaccepting country, and that's why I know that the work that Szymon's doing is extremely important and needed. 

This precedent is unique because the service before Pride has been practiced for years with public allowance and no prohibitions; as well as this has been the first case of charging priests with offending religious feelings.

Because of this case, the two priests are in need of international support, such as this petition, or letters from organizations and churches. If you are a member of an LGBT+ community or an affirming church, please consider coming up with something. You can send your letters to me, and I will forward them to Szymon.

Thank you very much!