Ban residential fireworks in the District of North Vancouver

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We are seeking a full and immediate ban of the sale, possession and use of residential fireworks in the District of North Vancouver.  To be clear, we are not asking for a ban on municipal displays of fireworks conducted by professional pyrotechnics companies and under the supervision of the DNV fire department.  

The District of North Vancouver's poorly enforced fireworks bylaws currently result in increasingly concussive incendiary devices being set off in the weeks before and after Halloween in addition to the night itself. These readily available fireworks are clearly a public disturbance effecting our right to quiet enjoyment, clean air and water. But that has done little to influence the DNV Council in the past or the other vocal proponents who feel they are entitled to purchase, possess and use residential fireworks as they please.  No thought is given to children, animals and wildlife who cower in terror as if in a war zone or the stress and trauma the sudden explosions cause the young, the elderly or people suffering from PTSD and noise sensitivities.  Council continues to grant temporary business permits to operators looking to sell fireworks in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

Because of the low detonating altitude of residential fireworks, hanging clouds of toxic heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, hexacholrobenzene, arsenic compounds, lead dioxide, sulfur-coal, potassium nitrate, strontium compounds and sulfur dioxide egregiously pollute our air when exploded at street level. Additionally, the careless disposal of thousands of spent cartridges that find their way into the gutters, streams and rivers leach their deleterious chemicals into the storm drains and sensitive fish habitats.

Arguments in the past about the fire hazards and the evidence of property damage and injury have also not been enough to sway the District Council to pass a bylaw banning the sale, possession and use of fireworks in the District.

An immediate ban of residential fireworks such as currently exists in Richmond, BC and other districts is what is required and DNV Council is easily able to do that if the political will exists.

We hope you will join us in signing for this common sense approach.