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Justice for Animal Advocate and Independent Rescuer

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This petition was created on behalf of a fellow rescue friend and animal advocate that has been on the receiving end of a brutal smear/hate campaign for two years. It all started by one woman over two and a half years ago. Since then, she has recruited others to participate in her evil deed of trying to destroy this young woman (Melissa Kaye Fitterer).

After her (Maria Christine Sanchez) last attempt wasn't as successful as planned, she recruited help and an evil sheme to set up Melissa was carefully planned and executed. These evil, heartless women sought out a Florida man that founded a group to help aid in the rescue and networking of animals in need. They not only convinced him to add them to his group but that one of these women (Theresa Singleton Brown) had a neighbors dog that was neglected, in urgent need of medical attention. He was further urged to reach out to Melissa for help through her community rescue page on Facebook (Kentucky Dog Rescue) to help with the "fake" rescue of this dog. Melissa was instructed to call Theresa where she was told a convincing story that her neighbor had a dog chained outside that was neglected, had a broken bloody paw and she had to provide it with shelter and daily food and water. This woman sent Melissa Pictures and played on Melissa's emotions as an animal lover, advocate and devoted rescuer by reminding her of the harsh blizzard-like conditions moving into the area. Theresa further told Melissa she would take the dog but having thirteen of her own already, she would not be able to keep him, provide medical care for him nor keep him safe from his neglectful owner(s).

On January 21, 2016 Melissa drove to the home of Theresa, picked up this dog and immediately took him to be vetted paying for this out of her own pocket. Melissa was asked to post on Facebook that she successfully rescued Oscar and to take full credit so there would be no conflict between Theresa and her neighbor. She, and these women, convinced Melissa that if anything became of this, they would hire her an attorney and all her expenses would be paid for (attorney fee's, vet bills etc). After Melissa vetted the dog, later known as Oscar, she was instructed to turn the dog over to another lady named Teresa Rae Dorman. Teresa had convinced Melissa that she would "temporarily foster" Oscar until everything had blown over since the owner was threatening to press charges. Once these women had Oscar in their possession, they immediatley began attacking and bashing Melissa through social media and in private group messages.

We urge you to dismiss all charges against Melissa Kaye Fitterer and to charge the women responsible for not only Oscar's theft but for destroying this young womans life. Please, help the real rescue community by helping us rescue/save this young woman from these heartless people that think they are above the law before they completely destroy her and no telling how many other good people. This was a set up, another attempt to destroy this woman and cyber bullying among other things. The rescue community that knows the real Melissa Kaye Fitterer has all the evidence to prove the set up and will be forwarding it all to her attorney. Again, we urge you to please drop all these charges and prosecute those truly responsible.

Melissa's only fault here is for vetting this dog for open wounds to his paw, having a big heart and being to trusting of those that supposedly share her passion for animals.

(A full list of participant's in this evil scheme will be forwarded to her attorney in hopes that the right people are prosecuted in this matter)

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