Road safety along Lakes in Udaipur

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Dear Sir,

Since long we citizens of Udaipur are facing problem of Rash Driving as well as damaged barriers of Lake Fatehsagar specially Rani Road area.

Rani Road is famous for morning & evening health conscious joggers & cyclist but this road is also known for high speed car driving as well as bike stunts. Many deaths have occurred in past as well as lot of accidents & injuries. Along with over speeding problems we have heavy trucks, buses moving on this road because of no entry in Udaipur before night, so they try to bypass city traffic rules.

Addition to these in October 2016, many parts of retention wall had collapsed on Rani road taking down barriers. (Natural as well as man made collapse). This has become serious danger for lake, walkers as well as drivers.

We require your help on below Four points

  1. Installation of vehicle friendly Speed-breakers all along Rani Raod stretch along with signs. Since it is a calm tourist place low speed vehicles will help in reducing Noise as well as environmental pollution. On top it will save lives.
  2. Completion of Cycle track.
  3. Reconstruction of damaged retention wall parts via guidance of experts as lakes will not dry like before. It is already 6 months and damage is only increasing.
  4. Restriction of commercial heavy vehicles as they bypass city traffic law and come into city via this road.

Sir, we all look forward to your support.

With Best Regards