Poor action against environment and PMs Swachh Bharat mission-Perumbakkam ASI area Chennai

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Dear Sir,

Perumbakkam Panchayat is a vibrant sub-urban of Chennai Metro and this part is largely filled with a large number of residential complexes.

Nookampalayam is a village within this Panchayat and a small hill is situated here which comes under the aegis of The Archeological Survey of India. This under ASI as there are peacocks our national bird and rare species. Along this hill, a rain water channel exists for the water to flow during monsoon, and the water flows between the Arasankazhani lake and other lakes around, including the Sholinganallur lake. The road from Perumbakkam Church leading to the Nookampalayam Village that connects Medavakkam to Siruseri is a proposed 4-lane road.

While the number of residences and residential complexes are increasing, the Panchayat did not find a scientific way to dispose the garbage collected from the residents.

The garbage collection is infrequent and the dumping of garbage is being done along the water bodies.

Many complaints were raised to the Panchayat that they dump the garbage in various places including the Panchayat office itself. Of course, wherever the garbage is dumped, the residents raised concerns on the hazards arising out of it.

Rather than roping with Greater Corporation of Chennai to dispose the garbage OR engaging Solid Waste Management parties to dispose them scientifically, the Panchayat has occupied the ASI land near the small hill in Nookampalayam and is setting up a dump-yard like the one at Perungudi.

There was no prior information about this initiative and they have speed up the process working day and night with the help of police force.

They do not realize that such exploitation of nature as such dumping will erode the hill and the nearby lake.

Moreover the hazardous / foul smell will cause health issues to all 5000 plus families living nearby, comprising of citizens of all age groups, and 3 schools nearby.

Still the Prime Ministers Swachh Bharat Mission has not been recognized by many officials in the people elected government.

Dear Collector, we need your kind intervention on this matter urgently and protect the nature and healthy livings of the people with all ages.