December 4, 2021
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                           Corruption in Westchester County Family Court

I am a black woman and single mother of two biracial girls living in Westchester County for about 10 years, who trusted the court system and legal process until two years ago in 2019 when my 14 year old daughter was taken out of my home by CPS on false allegations made by my ex mother in law in order to help her son get custody of my teenage daughter, when CPS could not find any reason to remove my minor child Case worker with the Peekskill office told my daughter in front of me that she is old enough to remove herself and does not have to listen to me.

The courts gave my daughter to her estranged father who because of his anger towards me and refusal to pay child support coerced my daughter into living with her grandmother on Long Island. I just learned March of 2021 when I called the police to do a well visit and was told by Nassau police that my daughters address was permanently  Without any supervision, I called CPS in Nassau County and they said, “my attorney was an idiot and how did my Ex get custody of my daughter!” I have sources that told me they believe my daughter was/is being sex trafficked.

For the past 9 months I have been trying to locate my child in family court only to have four attorneys rip me off on retainer fees and refuse to communicate with me or give me any information on the whereabouts of my daughter. This is parental alienation and parental kidnapping allowed by CPS, attorneys, judges, and the police. as of December 1st, they just threw out my last petition for contact and communication without any reason as to why. I haven’t seen my child’s face or heard her voice in over two years. It's like she fell of the face of the earth. CPS and the courts are covering up harm done to my daughter, so they won’t be held accountable.

 I uncovered Racial discrimination, bias, Fraud, corruption, and sex trafficking within Westchester County family Court in White Plains New York. I just learned this week that my ex-husband and his lawyer filed petitions against me and never served me or had me attend a hearing all done behind my back to sabotage my case and set me up.

I have now been Harassed, bullied, threatened, blackballed, and targeted by attorneys and NY State employees to discredit me they have taken two jobs from me and now are trying to evict me and take my younger child from me.

What is being allowed is “White Collar Crimes” where if you have connections in the court system you get favoritisms. I have filed complaints with the FBI, department of justice, district attorney, attorney general, inspector general, department of human rights, state police and no one from any of these organizations have contacted me and asked me what is going on all they did was give me a claim number. I now have filed with the bar grievance committee against 8 or 9 attorneys and still waiting for a response while my daughter goes missing each day longer.

I’m asking the public and media for help in making the district attorney do their job and open this case as a criminal case and or Missing person and locate my daughter.

www.westchesterda.net   914 862-55140

www.newyork.fbi.gov     212 384-1000

Kathy Hochul Governor 518 474-8390

If you are a NY City teacher, attorney, private investigator, investigative reporter please help me uncover this dirty secret of family court and CPS wrongfully removing good children from good homes and hiding them.

If you would like to see more solid proof, please reach out to me.

If you have had something similar happen to you with CPS and/or family court, please reach out to me.

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Signatures: 808Next Goal: 1,000
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