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Prosecute Officer Wallace (Wally) Jensen, for the murder/shooting of Richard (Pedie) Perez III on September 14, 2014 in Richmond, CA.

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Richard (Pedie) Perez III was gunned down unjustly, by Richmond police officer,  six year veteran, Wallace (Wally) Jensen on the early morning hours of September 14, 2014.

Pedie was hanging out at the neighborhood liquor store, while intoxicated with his friends. He wasn't doing anything bad, just being his silly self, when officer Jensen walked into the store. The store clerk, surprised that the officer was there because he NEVER called the police for anything, became fearful that the officer was going to file a complaint, asked the officer to escort Pedie outside. 

Pedie, immediately being compliant, placed his hands on top of his head and walked outside and sat down on the curb as instructed to. The officer called in to see if Pedie had any outstanding warrants while Pedie sat quietly on the curb. Once the report came back clear, the officer, who obviously did not feel any threat by Pedie, decided there was no need to throw him in the "Drunk tank,' and allowed him to leave.

As everyone in the store was watching out the front windows, the officer allowed Pedie to get up and Pedie began to walk back to the trucking yard where he was staying.  It was at this time, that Officer Jensen decided to yank Pedie down to the ground by grabbing the back of his collar. A struggle ensued as the officer put Pedie in a maneuver where Pedie's neck was being shoved into the officer's stomach with the officer's arms underneath Pedie's arms leaving them dangling and bouncing as the officer was jumping up and down while shoving Pedie's neck inward and downward as if trying to break it. According to eyewitness testimony, and surveilance footage, Pedie began to scream in pain from his neck and INSTINCTIVELY proceeded to push the officer off of him to escape the pain.

It was at this point that Officer Jensen made a fateful decision to shoot and kill an unarmed, non agressive, innocent 24 year old young man. He DID NOT attempt to use any other means such as taser, mace, billy club or his K-9 dog. He chose to use his gun FIRST! It is our understanding that it is POLICY for ALL OFFICER'S to carry these various tools on their utility belts. However, Officer Jensen apparently holds himself above the law, and made the decision to NOT carry his taser, to NOT use a NON LETHAL approach BUT to go for his gun and SHOOT TO KILL an innocent man FIRST.

There have been a lot of disturbing stories about this officer with people on his beat who work in Richmond, stating, "He is a real jerk/a-hole, he has no customer service skills, he has a chip on his shoulder". One officer who was having a drink at a bar said, "Officer Jensen should have NEVER been allowed to graduate from the academy". People in his/our hometown have said, "He is a liar, no integrity, treats his wife badly, he acts creapy when he stares at me, he has a chip on his shoulder, etc". We have heard them all!!!

So our question to the Richmond Police Department is, "Why was he hired?" Because of this decision, our loved one is forever gone. He was an only child of Rick and Julie Perez of Pinole, CA. He was loved and adored by everyone who knew him because of his loving and giving heart. He LOVED JESUS and he loved giving to everyone he met.

Pedie could have stayed in Pinole, CA where he and his parents' lived/live, but he chose to stay down in Richmond with all of the people that society has discarded. The poor, the downcast, the addicts, the dirty, the homeless, the hungry...."Societies Rejects!" Your race didn't matter to Pedie, these were all the people he called family.

Pedie worked for the family trucking business for free due to the downturn of the economy and because he wanted to help his parents' out. Although Pedie's monies were limited, it never stopped him from giving to others in need. He had helped the lady around the corner, "Billie" pay her rent so she wouldn't get evicted. He and his parents' have helped the homeless man, Dre (aka "2-11" because his birthday is February 11th) from the neighborhood by giving him a warm place to sleep and get out of the elements, food and a shower.  He has provided food for the hungry, hope for the lost, love for the unloved, and a listening ear for those who needed to be heard. THIS IS WHO PEDIE WAS!! And  just to clarify, Pedie pawned his gold rope chains when he was out of money to help these people out.

Unfortunately, because of the lies that this officer has told, there are people in the community have celebrated the officers' decision to shoot and kill  because they are under the impression that it was The Officer whose life was threatened, that Pedie was some sort of thug, gang member, thief, trouble maker, or a nuisance to society. When in fact, it was just the opposite, and it is the officer who should be owning these stereo type names because of who he is.

I have started this petition to bring awareness to this senseless murder by declaring that we start, "Pedies' Law". This law would make hiring practices a lot more stringent by doing MORE DETAILED BACKGROUND CHECKS, MORE IN DEPTH TRAINING; knowing when to reach for your gun or CHOOSING to use other tools first, i.e. taser, mace, billy club, K-9 dog, etc. Encouraging fellow officer's to report another officer when they feel there may be integrity issues, attitude issues, customer service issues and issues of not obeying policy to wear their taser, mace, billy club, etc. Which is what Officer Jensen did by NOT wearing his taser. It shouldn't be the families burdon to prove that an officer lied by stating, "he was going for my weapon, I felt thretened, he attacked me!" These were and are ALL LIES!! and THANK GOD that we have video surveilance and eyewitness testimony, unfortunately, most families don't. 

Please join our family by signing this petition so that one more life will not be lost.


Rhonda Perez

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