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Three dogs killed on private property & their bodies left in the open

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On Monday February 22, 2016 three dogs were shot and their bodies left in the open in Pinnacle, NC. These dogs resided on private land and had been being cared for daily by various individuals.  The caretakers on a daily basis fed and checked on these dogs while waiting for animal control to assist with their rescue. When the caretakers stopped on Monday to feed the dogs they found them dead in pools of blood. They appeared to have been shot in the belly and one in the rear (usually a sign of trying to run away). These dogs suffered greatly. These dogs had never harmed anyone and had become adopted by the community.  Prior to the investigators arriving to the scene the bodies of the dogs "disappeared". 

We as a civilized country cannot continue to allow these acts to go unpunished to the fullest extent of the law. In the state of North Carolina through Susie's Law this is a felony. Three counts in this case.  Animal cruelty is a predictor and indicator of violent crimes, domestic violence and child abuse. In a 20 year study, 70% of animal abusers were found to have then committed other crimes and 44% went on to harm people. State & national surveys of domestic violence victims find that as many as 71% of battered women report their partners threatened, or killed, the family pet. There was animal abuse in 88% of families who were under State supervision due to the physical abuse of their children. (Arluke, A. & Luke, C. 1997);(Ascione, 1995);(DeViney, Dickert & Lockwood, 1983)

District Attorney Bowman, we respectfully request this crime be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the maximum sentence with no plea bargain option.  Please keep the guilty behind bars to prevent this from happening again and to send a message you support the laws to their fullest extent. Please set the example that Stokes County will not tolerate those guilty of such a heinous crime to be allowed any leniency that would allow them additional opportunity to create future abusive crimes as statics prove are likely.

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