District Attorney: Release Anthony Wright

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Anthony Wright was convicted of killing my aunt, Louise Talley, during a robbery in Philadelphia in 1991. She was 77 and he was 20. She was robbed, stabbed 10 times, raped, and murdered. Based upon the quick arrest, information from the police, and a signed confession, it appeared certain that Anthony Wright had committed this crime. He was tried and convicted in 1993 and sentenced to life without parole. In September of 2014, Anthony Wright's conviction was overturned due to DNA evidence and the hard and persistent work of the Innocence Project. However, Mr. Wright still remains in prison awaiting retrial almost two years after his conviction was overturned. There is a lengthy Rolling Stone article titled "Why is This Man Still in Jail?" that details the many problems and inconsistencies with the case against Mr. Wright. You can find the article here -- Mr. Wright’s fingerprints were not found in my aunt's house or on the knife that killed her. The clothes the police claim Anthony was wearing were not his size. There are also accounts of an alibi that was never checked, and witness testimony that was coerced from children. And finally, the DNA found from the rape belonged to another man -- a career criminal named Ronnie Byrd, who is now deceased. I loved my aunt and would have liked her killer be brought to justice. She was a cute, funny, kind-hearted lady. However, there has been no justice in this case. Instead, there has been another crime committed -- and it is against Anthony Wright. He has lost 25 years of his life. He was unable to see his son grow up or be at his mother's funeral. He has lost so much. There is no earthly reason why this man is still incarcerated. I ask that you sign my petition to ask DA Seth Williams to release Anthony Wright immediately. It is outrageous that this DA is choosing to waste taxpayer money holding Mr. Wright and re-trying him for a crime it has been proven he did not commit.

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