Punishment for the abuse of Bryant

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Now that East Tennessee Bloodhound Rescue has Bryant the bloodhound, we just have a couple things we want to throw out there. Jared Treadaway, how could you let this poor animal sit in your yard starving while you we're inside all nice and cozy? To me it looks like you haven't missed too many meals. Is it because you work for the Marrero Estelle Fire Department or because your related in some way to the chief of police that makes you think you can get away with this? It's not going to happen. My first concern is the dog that you have tortured. I'm gonna try to give him back everything you've took from him. Think off all the nights you were out having nice dinners and he was laying in a junk pile starving and cold. I promise you one thing Jared Treadaway, you can delete your facebook page but Im not gonna stop. The little bit of spare time I will have after taking care of the dog you abused, will be spent making phone calls, starting petitions, going to the media, and whatever I can to keep this in the spotlight. This will not just go away. And I know for a fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people who feel the same way. Please sign our petition and share far and wide. We want to present this to the district attorney and let them now that this is unacceptable and we wont stand for it