To stop Chrystal Collins from scamming innocent people.

To stop Chrystal Collins from scamming innocent people.

February 6, 2021
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District attorney, judges
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Why this petition matters

Started by Julia Jones

This petition is to STOP Chrystal Michelle Collins AKA CMC.LIFE from scamming innocent and vulnerable people. 

Just a few things she has done. 

� lies about what the money is intended for

� claimed her son was in a burn unit for money 

� claimed her daughter passed away in january 2021 when it was actually her 2nd cousin and she didnt have permission from the family to collect money. I've been 

� claimed her boyfriend (not husband as she claims) had cancer needed money for medical Bill's

� watched her cat catch on fire by kerosene heater on facebook live and laugh about it

� has even took people's money for items she is selling and doesnt send said item

� claim her "mommas" vehicle broke down 2 people bought 2 of the car parts

� tells people she doesnt have enough money to pay her phone bill she asks for phone bill money at least 3 to 4 times a month. 

� asks for coal

� said she needed a bed cause hers broke and ripped the girl off who sold her the bed that someone else donated to her to begin with (the money) then sold it kept the money. 

� she has supporters on fb which is 4.99 a month. For those that want to go into a special group and see her live and cry and beg no content what so ever. Well she has learned that she can block the supporter and it will kick them out of group and then turn around and unblock and they think fb did it so they pay the 4.99 again just to be paid twice from same person in one month. 

� judge in her hometown told her to stay off social media. Of course she didnt listen. 

� does drugs on live and drug deals. 

� has faked suicide a couple times just to get attention and money (this has been proven to be 100% true facts 

� sold nudes online. Has also had sex with her boyfriend in the background on live

� has had her very young niece online begging for stuff coaching her on what to say

� she calls her followers slow minded and dumba**** because they send n her money knowing she isnt using it for what she said. 

� tells them it will be her last time asking for help when she literally asks every single day. Everyday it's something new that she needs money for. 

� has abused her elderly mother in law and even her own mother. Physical and emotional ambuse. 


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Signatures: 7,036Next Goal: 7,500
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