Ask Dallas DA to Harshly Prosecute Austin Shuffield for Violent Assault in Deep Ellum

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We respectfully ask that Dallas District Attorney John Creuzot and the Dallas County District Attorney's office ensure that the harshest possible criminal charges and prosecution be applied toward Austin Shuffield for the violent aggressive assault of his female victim.

Background: On March 21, 2019 at approximately 4:26 a.m., a woman in her 20's was violently attacked by a stranger, Austin Shuffield in the 2800 block of Elm Street in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Texas.  A witness posted this video showing the horrific attack.  Sheffield pulled out his gun, prevented the victim from calling the police and violently punched her at least 5 times to the head.  

Current Situation:  Through fast and efficient work by the Dallas Police Department, Austin Shuffield, 30, was quickly arrested.  Further, Sheffield is currently being charged with assault causing bodily harm and interference with a emergency call, both are misdemeanors.  We are asking the Dallas District Attorney's office to investigate and charge Sheffield with any appropriate felony weapons charges that apply

Therefore, we are requesting that the Dallas District Attorney's office do their utmost in ensuring the harshest possible prosecution against Austin Shuffield take place as he is a detriment to society and needs to be incarcerated for the longest possible sentence.

Update:  Dallas Police Department has charged Austin Shuffield with two ( 2 ) additional criminal charges.  1.  Unlawfully carrying a weapon.  2.  Aggravated Assault ( 2nd degree felony ).  

While we are thankful that these two additional criminal charges have been filed,  we continue to ask that the Dallas County District Attorney's office pursue the maximum penalty, including a lengthy jail sentence with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  


The Deep Ellum Community  & Concerned Local Citizens