Please Do Not Remove Dedicated Honors Classes at BHS

Please Do Not Remove Dedicated Honors Classes at BHS

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Started by Sophia Ford

To the editor:


We are writing to you with our concerns about the removal of dedicated honors classes at the high school.  Please stop the removal immediately and reinstate the honors classes that we have already lost. 

As members of the freshman class who have experienced dedicated honors classes, we know firsthand that being in a dedicated honors course is very different from being in a regular class. Honors classes are more rigorous and they demand more time and effort from you. They teach you how to apply yourself in a challenging environment. In a dedicated honors class, we move at a faster pace, and we dive deeper into the material. There are more tests, projects, and homework assignments than a regular class. We feel that this level of rigor best prepares students for AP classes, and you would be putting students at a disservice to not allow them this option. In the future, if all honors classes are removed, what happens when kids have to make the massive jump from a regular class to an AP class? It will make the AP work seem much harder, and students will not be nearly as prepared as coming from an honors class. In addition, a project alone does not justify the honors designation, as how can a single project at the end of a semester make up for hours of work, hours of extra learning and lesson plans, and a more difficult course load spread throughout the year. The project can also only cover so many topics, rather than go deeper into every single unit studied as an honors class would. Anyone who wants to be challenged in school can apply themselves and choose to take an honors class. The decision is up to the student and this is what is key. This is a choice that can’t be taken away or replaced with one project.

People who have worked hard all of middle school to achieve academic excellence deserve to be surrounded by similarly motivated peers. Anyone can choose to be in a dedicated honors class. It is your decision and it is imperative that students who apply themselves are surrounded by similarly motivated students in high school. The removal of dedicated honors classes will be extremely upsetting to students who are motivated to learn, and who like to challenge themselves in school. We speak from experience because we have noticed how in classes such as World History (where there is no honors option), it becomes harder to push ourselves and motivate ourselves to go above the standard. 

We ask you to stop removing dedicated honors classes immediately and reinstate the ones that have been removed (9th and 10th grade Honors ELA.) Listen to your students; they are the ones who have experienced these honors classes firsthand and they are the ones who will lose the choice. The administration never asked for our input, so we are giving it to you proactively. Please preserve this choice and opportunity for all students.

346 have signed. Let’s get to 500!