Extend Dr. Paul Gordon's Contract

Extend Dr. Paul Gordon's Contract

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Jessica Buttimer started this petition to District 41 Board of Education

If you are in Glen Ellyn District 41, please sign in support of Superintendent Paul Gordon's continued exemplary and proven leadership. Sorry, outside signatures hurt rather than help our cause.

The board has not extended Dr. Gordon's contract, which ends this school year. They have not publicly provided a reason. We think they should, particularly because that decision is counter to all the objective data available - of which we have copious amounts.

So what? At the very least, this will be disruptive to the current vision and direction of the district...which survey and academic performance data show is incredibly positive. According to multiple third-party analysts, our district achieves more with less. But also...

  • The ~$50k expense to hire a new superintendent is fiscally irresponsible and unwarranted.
  • The current board will hire Dr. Gordon's successor. What philosophy will they seek out in a new superintendent?
  • It's likely that other D41 administrators will leave, furthering the disruption and creating pauses in our goals where there is currently so much progress and momentum.

Is Dr. Gordon deserving of our time and effort? Yes! Dr. Gordon is a man of distinguished integrity, with an obvious passion and commitment to do what is right for our students and our district. His process is always welcoming and collaborative...and it works. His reputation in the district and in other districts is highly regarded. Seeing the accolades, accomplishments, and survey results in one place is compelling...

  • 3m Start with Hello video - says volumes about Dr. Gordon
  • ~60m Public Participation video - Overwhelming support for Dr. Gordon from parents, grandparents, GBW Principal, 41 Alumni, and taxpayers.
  • ~30m Public Participation video - Overwhelming support was given for Dr. Gordon. The superintendent of Bensenville came with a stack of letters from Districts 15, 16, 44, 45, 87, Case SE Cooperative and 93 in support of Dr. Gordon. The Glenbard West principal talked about how well students who come out of Hadley perform at West - they’re prepared, take AP classes, and are involved in school. Everyone agreed that kids are at the heart of all decisions he makes. 
  • ~50m Public Participation video - Overwhelming support was given for Dr. Gordon and a request to have his contract renewed. Several teachers spoke about his leadership skills, staff support, encouragement and positive attitude, including a Lincoln teacher spoke on behalf of 15 Lincoln staff members. At one point, everyone in the room (approximately 39 audience members) stood to show their support of Dr. Gordon. 
  • Third-Party Analysis:
  • Bill Foster presented the School Perceptions Survey results on 4/9/18.  Superintendent and Principal results had some significant gains (up .2 or more from 2016) He explained that increases in parents' ratings are likely due to the continuity of leadership. (video)
  • Advantage Analytics (AA) presented their report 2017 Benchmark Presentation Glen Ellyn 41. AA noted that there were dramatic changes in the demographics since 2008, noting that the Low Income trend since 2008 is one of the steepest trends he’s seen. He remarked that the academic performance was all the more impressive, saying, “It’s like going uphill on butter.” (video)
  • Since his start in 2013, Dr. Gordon has:
  • Created a comprehensive and exhaustive Long Range Plan that has become a model for other districts.
  • Has stayed on track to achieve incredibly ambitious goals. This year he achieved 77% of the goals outlined in the Long Range Plan, which the board acknowledged by awarding him 77% of his performance bonus.
  • Led a comprehensive Facilities Plan that replaced 32 decaying portable classrooms with permanent additions to every building.
  • Led a comprehensive review of Special Education services, resulting in a still-developing inclusion program that has widespread special-education-parent involvement and support.
  • Significantly reduced the achievement gap - 7% overall and 12% at Churchill
  • Implemented many new instructional programs (PBLs, FLES, Dual Language, etc)
  • Increased teacher planning time, so Professional Learning Communities meet daily to collaborate on targeted solutions for students, enhance professional development, and further empower staff.
  • Transitioned to 1-to-1 devices for all students as part of a successful Technology Plan.
  • Developed strong community and parent engagement through advisory committees, coffees, listening sessions, etc.

Will this work? The board continues to justify their actions by saying they believe they are representing "their constituents" and have even implied that they represent the 80% of taxpayers currently without students in the district. They need to hear from a broad range of community members and lots of them. Please sign and prove to the board that the community is engaged, appreciates the programs and the positive direction of this district, and wants it to continue under Dr. Gordon's proven leadership.

What else can I do?  Share this petition. Talk with more than just your friends to spread the word. Email the board! 

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