Getting OLHMS dress code removed

Getting OLHMS dress code removed

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ambs vidra started this petition to District 123

      We need to stop the District 123 dress code, girls are constantly getting judged, sexualized, and reprimanded based on the clothes that we choose to put onto our own bodies. The school shouldn’t have a decision on what we wear, and what they think is appropriate or not. People have gotten dress coded with a jacket on and their slight midriff showing. 

     Girls get sexualized by teachers and/or staff for showing their shoulders or midriff. The question is, why are we getting sexualized for OUR bodies? It’s doing no harm to anybody, and it is not distracting. For the boys, they barely have a dress code, and they don’t get dress coded / rarely do. 

   People don’t get to wear things that express themselves anymore. Including fitted caps, hats, piercings, etc. We should be allowed to wear accessories and things that we are comfortable in. As long as it doesn’t distract people then why should we not be allowed to wear them. 

   Now why aren’t boys allowed to wear fitted caps / hats? It’s not a safety issue because you can see their full face and it’s what makes their style theirs. 

    The dress code is severely outdated, and does not apply to the last few years. Oak Lawn - Hometown Middle School states

Any dress, groom, or accessories that have a distracting effect on the educational environment and/or compromise safety will be prohibited.  Disciplinary action may result for students whose appearance violate the safety, decency, or consideration of others

    They believe, that the way WE should consider how we dress for other people. Being told from many peers / people above me to only dress and do things for myself, this is unacceptable. We should only be dressing how we want to, what we’re confident in, etc. But this dress code gets in the way of expressing ourselves 

Oak Lawn - Hometown Middle School states again

      ‘All tops must cover midriff and fall to the waistline, as well as maintain a reasonable neckline.
Skirts and shorts must be of reasonable length.
Spaghetti straps and tank tops are not allowed.
Excessively tight, loose or revealing clothing that exposes undergarments or creates a safety hazard when walking.’

    The dress code is also very distinct to different body types. The teachers make exceptions for certain people, but reprimand the ones who are more covered. 

Oak Lawn - Hometown Middle School discriminates based on your gender. You can see that many of the rules are directed at the specific Female gender. 

We want change now, no more sexist/unfair dress codes 

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