Ask Disney to Release Older Titles from their Vault

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Disney has made it clear that since buying up all of 20th Century Fox's titles they won't be allowing repertory screenings of any of these older titles, which means practically you won't ever be able to see Alien, Young Mr. Lincoln, The Seven Year Itch, The Planet of the Apes movies, All That Jazz, Raising Arizona, The Fly, Moulin Rouge or literally any of the thousands of films produced under the Fox banner in a movie theatre ever again. And if starts at the theatrical level, who's to say where it will stop. Disney is doing this for no reason beyond simple greed. Just feel like someone should say something. Maybe they'll listen, they probably won't, but we're at a pretty crucial moment in cinema history here and if this continues, we're going to be stuck watching precisely what conglomerates want us to, which is a pretty dystopian situation. 

Here's a report from Matt Zoller Seitz on the situation: