Dispatch delete your biased article about YG liebers and the girl they supported

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This is a petition for dispatch Korea to delete this uninformed and biased article:

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We are a latin american YG entertainment fan page that started supporting a girl from a Korean Magazine Competition after seeing how korean men were body shaming her. We shared a post of a supposedly open voting that went viral. Many koreans made a lot of hateful comment on her and us because they realized we were supporting. When the magazine had knowledge of this, they blocked their international server. 

but recently, Dispatch made a biased and yellowish article saying we're a feminist group she used in order to manipulate the magazine's voting which is untrue (accusing her of voting manipulation).

They didn't talk to us, to the girl or to the people who voted for her to know better about the situation. They clearly didn't do a good research as a journalist should and the result of this was a clearly biased and yellowish article.The girl never asked for our help, we decided to give her our help by our own choice, she didn't even know about us before we started supporting her.

We're not bots we just participated in a voting that was supposed to be a open one, which means anybody can vote.