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Continue to provide Billy Hill & The Hillbilly Shows

Uncountable guests plan their vacations and trips around the Billy Hill & The Hillbillies show, making it the highlight of their trip and their main focus once they arrive.

This show is the main reason many people continue to purchase annual passes and travel from around the country.

Disney needs to know how many people love this show, these great musicians, and how it will upset many guests and may cause them to lose valuable customers by guests not renewing annual passes or buying their traditional disneyland vacation tickets for the entire family.

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Disneyland Anaheim, CA
Disneyland Anaheim, CA
Disneyland Anaheim, CA
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Disneyland Anaheim, CA
As you can see this petition has grown every single day. Thousands of your guests are very unhappy about the plans to retire this famous show on Jan 6, 2014 and doing what they can to make their voices heard. Please listen to what your guests are saying and I am sure you will realize this decision will not only upset your guests but may in the end cause you to lose valuable pass holders or families planning their vacation around this show. While I am sure you have taken a great deal of time to decide if this is the right decision to make I am sure you will see the number of supporters of this show is not what you thought it was. We ask you to please reconsider this decision and allow the show to continue. By continuing this show you will not only make it known to the guests that their comments were heard and taken to heart but also regain the confidence of guests who may have felt in the past their comments were ignored.

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