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Disney Television: Release a Gravity Falls Box Set !

For the last three and a half years, millions of fans have watched Disney's Gravity Falls, on Disney Channel and Disney XD. With the show now concluded, fans had hoped for a series / all-episodes-included box set, however: Disney apparently has expressed "zero intention" to make a series set.

Show creator, Alex Hirsch, has noted that if he were in charge, the set would be out by now. However, since Hirsch is not the one in charge of said process, it is not up to him. Instead - it is a responsibility that lies with Disney Television Programming & other affiliates at the Walt Disney Company.

This petition exists to try and convince Disney that: there is demand for a Gravity Falls box set, and that it would be advantageous of them, financially, to do so. They're likely aware [based on the show's ratings] that the profitability and interest factor is there, this will serve as the extension of that proof.

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