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There are eleven Disney Princesses (counting Merida from 'Brave'). Of these, only four are non-white. Disney has recently released their new redesigns of their princesses, to much controversy (specifically in response to the changes to Merida's figure and hair). However, this petition is important for a different reason: the four princesses of color have been made to appear more 'white'-looking, both in skin color and in facial features. Not only is this blatant whitewashing (a form of racism and cultural erasure), it's just. . .sad. For many young girls, the Disney princesses are their first ideas of beauty. Many of these girls are not white, and the whitening of the princesses of color is sending the message that to be pretty, you need to be pale and 'white'-looking. This is just plain sad, to me. Whenever I see the new redesign of Disney's princesses of color, I imagine a little of girl of color not feeling pretty because she doesn't look like that, and that's sad! If you agree with me, please, sign my petition.

Letter to
Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company. Robert A. Iger
Executive Vice President, Chief Communications Officer, The Walt Disney Company. Zenia Mucha
Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks and President, Disney-ABC Television Group Anne Sweeney
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Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios. Alan F. Horn
Disney: Stop whitewashing our princesses of color!
There are eleven Disney princesses in your Disney Princess line. Of those, only four of those are non-white. This petition is not about that.
What this petition IS about:
You've recently unveiled your new redesigns for your Disney Princesses, and we've noticed a disturbing fact: Your princesses of color look suspiciously. . .whiter. Not only in their skin tone, but their faces! This isn't okay! It's whitewashing, it's sad, and it's just plain racist.
Not only is significantly changing your princesses not good for you, it's not good for the many little girls of color out there who look up to these princesses as one of the few representations of people that look like them in the media.
So, Disney we implore you: please reverse the designs of your princesses of color, and change them back to their original looks!
If this is unrealistic or impossible due to manufacturing or merchandising using these new designs already being put in to production, then please: Apologize for your actions, your whitewashing, and your racism.
It's the least you can do.