SpiderMan to comeback to the MCU!!!

SpiderMan to comeback to the MCU!!!

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Dear Marvel and Sony,

Marvel Studios is no longer involved with the production of future Spider-man Movies, and as a big Spider-man fan I want to see the amazing character continue in the mcu. Tom Holland as Peter Parker is the best we’ve ever seen and without him it will never be the same. In Avengers Endgame, the movie already sets him up to be the next Iron Man as well as the newest movie, Spider-man Far From Home. They can’t just leave us hanging like this and pretending that he doesn’t exist like he wasn’t even in the last 5 major films.

I know that I am just a teenager who enjoys watching super hero movies, but these movies are also for the fans and as a whole we can relate to all of the characters, most importantly Peter Parker. We will not watch the third and final movie if it’s not apart of the mcu. Ever since Captain America: Civil War we have seen Peter grow as a character and if the third movie doesn’t follow the same storyline it will completely ruin the want to watch it.

In conclusion, we as fans are concerned and upset to hear that both studios couldn’t come to an agreement. It is heartbreaking to know that it won’t be the same and if you can settle a minor agreement it will make a major impact on the fans today. If this doesn’t get resolved, you will lose many supporters of this amazing character

From the biggest Spider Man fans