Release Unremastered Star Wars Original Trilogy in high definition

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Dear Sirs,

We, the undersigned, petition you to make a faithful digital restoration of the unaltered unremastered Episodes of the Star Wars Original Trilogy the way they used to be before 1997 and make them available in High Definition.

Although certain restoration has been made available in 2006, we believe that the Unremastered Original Episodes should be restored to the same quality as the the Blu-Ray Remastered Trilogy.

We believe that the unremastered version of the Original Trilogy presents a sentimental value beyond any price.

We also encourage an accurate digital restoration of every existing behind-the-scenes and unused footage that has not yet been released.

Now that a massive part of the original Saga footage has been already restored for the purposes of other releases, the matter depends on replacing remastered scenes with the carefully restored original ones and faithful color restoration.

It is in your power to bring the true magic back.


Best regards,


Faithful Star Wars fans