Petition to Remove Liu Yifei from Disney's Mulan #Removeliuyifei

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So this is what Liu Yifei and Disney Supports!

We are utterly disgusted by Disney’s Mulan actress, Liu Yifei, for supporting police brutality and oppression of freedom and human rights in Hong Kong, we hereby demand her to be removed from Disney's Mulan.

Mulan is a character that symbolises feminism, fighting against oppression and for equality in the society, However Liu not only does she not possess such virtues,  she spits in the face of democracy, freedom, and human rights. 

Both Amnesty and the United Nation had condemned The Hong Kong Police force for violating for violating the International Human Rights law, they had been using excessive force against not only protestors but also the civilians , first aiders and even civillians.  

Moreover, Hong Kong Police ripped off a female protester’s underwear and exposed her during arrest, her skirt was pulled up and her underwear was supposedly stripped off, violating a woman’s dignity.

Yet Liu  supports such sexual violence, she has no respect for women and female rights, spitting in the face of feminism. 

Disney is this what you are allowing ? Linking your Disney princesses with police brutality and oppression of freedom and human rights? If that really is so i dont think what we should boycott Disney instead, please remake Mulan!

#removeliuyifei  #remakemulan #feminism