Disney/Marvel, please put Infinity War's IMAX aspect ratio on Blu-Ray.

Disney/Marvel, please put Infinity War's IMAX aspect ratio on Blu-Ray.

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Many Disney movies, namely the Marvel Studios films, have portions filmed with IMAX cameras. An IMAX camera captures a larger image than a standard one. Sequences shot on IMAX cameras, like the airport fight sequence in Captain America: Civil War, have an aspect ratio of 1.90 : 1, which is taller than the cinema standard of 2.39 : 1. When these movies get released on Blu-Ray however, the version provided on Blu-Ray is 2.39 : 1 throughout, effectively cutting out a quarter of the picture.

The full, IMAX size version of the movies are actually available, but only on 3D Blu-Ray. There are many reasons that this could be the case. 3D Blu-Ray costs more, so it's possible that Disney/Marvel wants to get people to buy these pricier versions of the films. The only issue with this is that 3D TVs are a thing of the past. It's a dead fad, which is clear because the 3D version of Thor: Ragnarok wasn't even released in North America. If Disney/Marvel wants to lock the IMAX versions behind pricier versions of their films, they should do so on 4K Blu-Ray as it is becoming the standard, or at best, release the IMAX versions on all home releases.

Avengers: Infinity War is the first movie to be filmed entirely with IMAX cameras. This means that if Disney/Marvel doesn't include this version of the movie in an accessible home release, we will be losing around 25% of the film. This is unacceptable, as if you are buying a movie, especially for the premium price of a 4K Blu-Ray, you should be getting the full film.

So I extend this request to both Disney and Marvel Studios. Please give us more access to the IMAX version of at least Infinity War, and at best your past films, either on 4K Blu-Ray exclusively, or all home releases. We, your devoted fans, would love to see the full versions of the movies that you have beautifully crafted.

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