The Apeiron Project (Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Remake) Must Continue.

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Today, October 11th, 2018 has marked a tragedy among Star Wars fans, preferably the Old Republic era fans. The great Poem Studios started a project that would remake Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Today, that has ended. This may not be a grave issue, but this is an unfortunate issue that could be saved.

 I will also state this explicitly: This is a MOD and a REMASTER of the original KOTOR. This is just to make the game be updated with today's graphics. There is no reason for this project to end! This was to just relive our childhoods with a new and updated version of this game, not too take all the credit and use it for money. In fact, it was going to be free.

 About the Apeiron Project: Simply put, Apeiron is a fan-made remaster of Bioware's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

 What's the petition for? This petition is to revive the Apeiron project. Many Star Wars fans are very upset that the project has come to, perhaps a permanent halt. The fans were really ready for a KotOR with today's graphics. Lucasfilm and Disney chose to stop the progression of Apeiron because of 'the use of Lucasfilm IP'. What they are saying is that the creators of Apeiron (Poem Studios) do not have the authorization to use Lucasfilm's property (the game, characters, etcetera). Lucasfilm also says "Poem Studios continued use of Lucasfilm's intellectual property and references to the KOTOR game is misleading to the public and is likely to cause confusion as to whether it's affiliated with Lucasfilm." This game is a mod, not a way for Poem Studios to get money. If anything, Lucasfilm and Bioware are the ones that will be getting the money, as you must buy the game to acquire the mod. I hope this brought a bit more insight on what this petition is for.