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Don't Let 2D Animation Die

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We all love a good movie, the medium doesn't matter as long as the story is original...but nowadays we're only seeing one medium: 3D animation, or CGI animation.

Speaking from my own personal experience, I love 2D animation. It has a flow and a style that CGI just can't mimic. Obviously 3D animated movies are garnerning more profits, otherwise we would be seeing more 2D animated movies in theatres, but the thing is: to have a 2D animated movie make a profit, you have to couple it with a good story. And unfortunately we haven't been seeing many of those lately, in either medium.

Yet look at Disney's Paperman, you have all the benefits of CGI technology combined with the endearing 2D art that we all love and miss. I think if there were a full length movie using this marriage of elements, MILLIONS of people would see it.

I propose that we don't let 2D animation die, it has brought happiness to many and if we could somehow manage to get Disney to change their minds and think about bringing the heart back into their films, at least through ONE movie, we may be able to convince them that there is no need to convert completely to 3D. Because everyone else seems to be doing it.

2D animation still has a FUTURE. Stop using it as an excuse for poor storytelling.

EDIT APRIL 12/2012

I was recently given this link:

And it's awful to see how they're killing off all that is dear to those who grew up with Disney Classics. We must gather as many signatures as we can, now more than ever! We must not let this happen, we can't lose something that has inspired and taught us so much.

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