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Disney release of the trailer version of "Beauty and the Beast"

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Disney has always been a part of our childhoods, and it is still a big part of our lives. The new, live action remake of Disney's 1991 animated Beauty and the Beast has disney fanatic's hearts bursting with joy. With little TV Spots along the way, we finally got to see the final trailer...and we were all astonished.

Ariana Grande and John Legend's new version of "Beauty and the Beast" was featured in the final trailer, and it left many people in tears. After hearing the trailer version of Ariana Grande and John Legend's "Beauty and the Beast", fans were at the edges of their seats waiting for the full version of Ariana Grande and John Legend's remake of Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson's "Beauty and the Beast".

When Ariana and John's version finally hit I-Tunes, it left people with mixed reactions, and only #53 on the charts. It was completely different from the version played in the trailer, leaving many people confused and upset. Many people liked the trailer version more, saying that "is it me or does this trailer version sound so much more better than their full version of the song?" and "I cried so many times in this 10 second video. Her voice is beyond amazing and I'm still crying over it". One fan even said "I've been repeating THIS VIDEO FOR SO MANY TIMES I CANT FOR THE SOUNDTRACK".

Once the full version of the remake was released, people were very disappointed. The fans displayed negative feedback such as saying "The orchestral version from the trailer is much better. The backing track here ruins it. Change that and this will be perfect." and "This sounded amazing on the trailer. Idk what's wrong with the backing music but it's trash tbh and takes away the beauty from Ariana and John's voices.". Not to mention that fans said "This version has no meaning to it and the singers sound like they are trying to keep up with the fast beat. Its not a song that you hear and want to slow dance to or sing with, it's become a weird pop song. Again I love Ariana Grande and John Legend. I just don't think this version is great, or even good." and "Disney..........HOW ARE YOU GOING TO TEASE US WITH THE MASTERPIECE THAT WAS IN THE TRAILER, THEN GIVE US THIS TRASH????".

Both versions are very similar, but one is more of a Ballad, while the other is a modern pop song. The trailer version is more soothing and romantic while the remake uses the keyboard way too often and the featured Artists drag notes way longer then they have to be, making the song sound obnoxious and annoying.. Obviously fans are not pleased by this. If people are writing so many negative comments in the official audio version on YouTube AND on I-Tunes, then something is definitely not right.

If Disney released both versions of the song, trailer version and remake version, it would leave all fans happy, whether they liked the trailer version more or the new version more...not to mention that Disney would make more money. It only takes one click to make this happen. And there's no harm done in requesting for a more soothing song am I right? :) 

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