Disney bans grieving father from having Spider-Man on sons grave.

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A grieving father has been denied permission to put a picture of Spider-Man on his little boy’s grave because Disney wants to preserve the magic of its characters. Marvel super fan Ollie Jones, four, died died from a rare genetic disorder and was given a Spider-Man themed funeral and his father had taking him to Disney just before he died to see his lifelong hero, Spider-Man, one last time. Ollie passed away last December after a two year long battle with leukodystophy, a disease that damages the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. After the devastating loss father,  Lloyd Jones, requested for permission to put an etching of Spider-Man on his sons gravestone. But Disney refused on the grounds that they don’t want their characters to correlate with death. Lloyd was quoted as saying, “It was really quite a blow. I was sure they would allow it.” He added, “ That makes no sense to me- characters die in movies all the time. I think it was all about the money.”  Lloyd’s brother added, “ this meant everything to us.” 

I have to say I agree with Lloyd on this Disney is all about giving a bit of magic to real life and in real life people die and allowing the Jones family to honor their son’s memory by carving the boy’s favorite hero onto his grave just shows the impact of a hero in a child’s eye. To me, by Disney not allowing them to do this is more destructive to their “magic” than anything. 

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