Disney - denounce the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and vow not to fund the sponsors again

Disney - denounce the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and vow not to fund the sponsors again

March 5, 2022
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Started by Jasmine Plows

Disney markets itself as a wholesome, family-friendly company. For years, it has profited off the LGBT+ community, many of whom are die-hard fans (often known as “Disney gays”) with pride-themed merchandise and events. Disney is marketed as a “safe space” for queer people, so much so that my therapist recommended I purchase a Disneyland annual pass in 2018 as an investment in my mental health. He saw it as a place that I could let go of the stress of the world and have child-like joy again, without fear of judgement or discrimination. 

Last month, the “Don’t Say Gay” bill passed the house in Florida, and is about to be voted on in the senate. Shockingly, the Orlando Sentinel reported that Disney had funded EVERY SINGLE sponsor or co-sponsor of the bill. Dennis Baxley, the primary sponsor of the bill, has been outspoken about his homophobia, going so far as to liken same-sex parents to child abusers. In 2015, he stated he would never “affirm homosexuality”. Disney has donated to his campaign EVERY SINGLE YEAR since he made these comments.

The “Don’t Say Gay” bill will make it dangerous for children to be who they are. School staff will be allowed to “out” children to their families. This could result in child abuse and death. Further, by restricting discussions of sexuality in class, students with same-sex parents could be prevented from talking about their own parents at school. Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

Disney can’t have it both ways. They can either choose to sponsor the politicians behind these hurtful and harmful bills, or they can be advocates of diversity and inclusion and a safe space for their queer fans. They can’t have both. If Disney wants the continued support of the LGBT+ community, they must do two things:

1. Make a public statement strongly denouncing the bill in Florida

2. Include a declaration that they will no longer financially support the sponsors and co-sponsors of the bill. 

If Disney do not meet these incredibly simple conditions in a timely manner (i.e. within the next month), LGBT+ people will no longer support their business, monetarily or otherwise. Personally, I have cancelled Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ and will not be visiting any parks or cruises until these conditions are met. I encourage everyone reading this to do the same. In the end, all Disney cares about is money. And we need to send a strong message that they don’t get to profit off us while they strip our rights away behind closed doors.

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This petition made change with 4,440 supporters!

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