Save Storyscape - Show appreciation for Everyone who has worked on the App

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We have gotten the incredibly sad news that a very loved make your own choice and story-based app will be shutting down due to Disney’s decision to shut down Foxnet’s Fogbank Entertainment game studio. It is such a shock to the community of people who have loved this game, myself and many others included. The stories were so detailed, interactive, animated,full of colour and life and provided lots of LGBTQ+, racial and gender diversity representation which is so many games are still lacking. I truly believe this is the best choices based game on the market and the decision to shut it down has shocked so many of us. 1.7M downloads has been provided as one of the reasons for the apps closure, however, considering the app has only been available worldwide since October 2019, it is unfair to not let it have more time to evolve. There were many new stories planned and scripted for production that so many of us were excited for and this will leave many people without jobs. We may not be able to save storyscape, but the least we can do is show everyone who has worked on it how much we love this app and how big the community of it’s loyal fans is. In the worst case scenario, this petition can be a final thank you and goodbye :)