Dismiss Draft Ordinance No. 999 Renaming Luna Mencias Street to Congressman Rufino D Antonio

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We are appealing to the City Council to dismiss the renaming of the street based on arguments held:

The street was named in recognition of Dr. Bonifacio Mencias

  • WHEREAS, Dr. Bonifacio Mencias, of whom the street was named, was a guerrilla sympathizer during the Japanese occupation of Manila in World War II, and, in his capacity as a medical doctor, was known to treat the wounded Filipino and American soldiers fighting against Japanese;
  • WHEREAS, the Japanese Kempeitai, upon knowledge of above mentioned deeds, abducted him and his son Dr Eleno Mencias on January 1944 and brought both to Fort Santiago, where both father and son were imprisoned; Eleno was able to escape but Dr Mencias was believed to have been beheaded and his body was never found;
  • WHEREAS, Dr. Mencias, aside from being a hailed a hero of the war, was an upright citizen of the Philippines, a respected doctor and epidemiologist, a beloved administrator and an outstanding Dean of Medicine of the University of Santo Tomas during the war years;
  • WHEREAS, in recognition of his heroism, the Cities of San Juan and Mandaluyong renamed the street where he bought the land and raised his family from A Luna Street to Luna Mencias Street.

Renaming the street to Congressman Rufino D. Antonio is questionable.

  • WHEREAS, while Congressman Rufino D. Antonio was an exemplary architect lauded for his contribution to the industry as an Architect of the Year for 5 consecutive years, the act of naming public infrastructures for private recognitions held is open to doubt, being that it should be citizens with significant public contribution who should be recognized when naming public infrastructures;
  • WHEREAS, the appropriateness of renaming a street in the City to a one-time congressman whose actions included leading the movement in 1971 to make the Philippines a state under the United States of America is questionable;
  • WHEREAS, this calls into question as well the patriotism of said Congressman who sought to undermine Philippine sovereignty by going to congress to make the appeal of US annexation of the Philippines, of which said movement was junked in 1972 following a congressional investigation led by Congressman Joaquin Roces.

Luna Mencias Street should keep only one name.

  • WHEREAS, according to Administrative Order no. 270, Prescribing the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Local Government Code Of 1991, under Article 23 (a) of Rule IV: No name of LGUs, public places, streets, and structures with historical, cultural, or ethnic significance shall be changed, unless by unanimous vote of the sanggunian and in consultation with NHI;
  • WHEREAS, also according to AO no. 270, Article 23 (c), naming should be subject to the condition that: (6) the whole length of a street shall have only one name;
  • WHEREAS, Luna Mencias Street is only one length, based on the conditions that (1) at the point of boundary of the cities of San Juan and Mandaluyong, the street does not curve more than 3 degrees, and (2) the one-way direction of traffic of the street mandated in both cities show that it is considered as one length;
  • WHEREAS, Luna Mencias Street, aside from having historical significance due to the contributions during World War II of its beloved former resident, should only have one name being that it is only one whole length of a street.

Another Antonio Street exists which is accessible from Luna Mencias Street.

  • WHEREAS, Antonio Street in Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City, is already so named, and this dead-end street is only accessibly from Luna Mencias Street. Renaming Luna Mencias Street to another Antonio will cause unnecessary confusion in the area.

In conclusion, in respect and appreciation of the contributions of Dr Bonifacio Mencias to the war, in recognition of his death as a hero of war, and in order to memorialize his place in history, it is only appropriate that the City keep his beloved name on the street where he lived and raised his family.

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