Cancel the barbaric “Trapping Time” TV show

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Tell DirectTV and Dish Network that animal torture is not entertainment! Steel-jaw body grip, leg hold traps, and snares are indiscriminate, catching any animal that is unfortunate enough to encounter one. These traps are set on public lands and they pose a threat to wildlife, domestic animals and even young children. Many states have banned these torture devices and many more will follow. 

I have seen the damage these traps cause to their victims. Too often, the regulations are ignored and these poor animals are left to suffer for days- dying from thirst and exhaustion, preyed upon by other animals, dislocating limbs and even desperately attempting to chew their leg off to escape. 

Tell Dish Network and DirectTV that this shameful, cowardly practice is no longer acceptable in this modern world and to be on the right side of history by cancelling this show!