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Disendorse candidate who blames women when they're raped.

Gavin King wrote “If a woman drinks to excess and is raped or assaulted, is she partly to blame? As uncomfortable and difficult as this question is, the answer surely is yes."

Unbelievably this man has been endorsed by the LNP and is the candidate for Cairns. He’s even got a good chance of winning at the Queensland state election in March.

But he has views that have no place in modern politics. In addition to his assigning blame for rape on survivors, he’s called the baby bonus “a dodgy money making scam for poor people with high libidos”, and complained about having to “iron my own shirt two days in a row” when his wife didn’t do it for him...

These kinds of views have no place in modern politics. If enough of us speak out, Campbell Newman will see Gavin King for what he really is -- an electoral liability. He should be disendorsed as soon as possible, and replaced with a candidate who isn’t stuck in the misogynistic dark ages.

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  • Leader, Liberal National Party Queensland
    Campbell Newman
  • LNP Candidate for Cairns
    Gavin King
  • LNP Women's President
    Ann McKenzie

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