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Reestablish the H. Grady Spruce Apaches

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Reestablish the H. Grady Spruce Apaches

We seek to right a wrong

We call upon the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) to reestablish the original Apache appellation to H. Grady Spruce.

H. Grady Spruce High School opened its doors in the fall of 1963 and chose the Apache to represent the school and community because they are known for integrity, wisdom, perseverance, and courage.

After 35 years of success, from 1963–1998, the school mascot was changed in 1998. In a time consumed with politics and activism the DISD administration got caught up in the politics and desires of an extremely small group of activist employees. Only three. The HGS Apache was rejected in favor of the "Timberwolves". This action was taken by the School Board and passed without community involvement. Today, there are no minutes or records of any kind regarding this action.

Our intention is the reestablish the Apache name to the people of this school and community and ensure that future students benefit from it's great traditions and the health it brings to young people.

We have an obligation to share the truth of Apache History and Civilization. It's important for new generations to know the true history of the settling of the United States, and the things not often mentioned that impacted Apache life.

The Apache Name and Traditions, along with the HGS mottos, "I Care", and "Everybody is Somebody", instill perseverance, strength, compassion, wisdom, and pride where it is needed most. In young people. And it builds greater respect for the Apache People.

For the sake of future generations of HGS students we entreat the DISD to reestablish the original Apache appellation to H. Grady Spruce High School and allow them to experience Apache Pride.

We are Apache Proud!
I Care
Everybody is Somebody


Students were encouraged with the philosophies, "I Care" and "Everybody is Somebody." Students were taught to live with integrity and to treat all others with respect and to be courageous in life.

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