The Last Alaskans show needs to be brought back to its fans!

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This TV show, The Last Alaskans, has a HUGE following of loyal, diehard fans and for reasons unknown to us, has decided to cancel it. We have come to love the families on this show. We've watched children be born into the show. and an original member, pass away. We've made a connection to these people, the down to earth, living off the land peoples and Alaska! Oh Alaska! It has opened the wonder, the joy, the excitement, the animals, the land, everything we didn't know about Alaska and the people who live their lives in this endless state, this show has done that and more! The people on this show are just living their daily lives, nothing is staged and its exactly the way we want to see a show, be done! We want it to come back, either back on Discovery or any other network who would pick it up. I guarantee, whichever network that might be, you will not be disappointed as the tons of viewership will astound you!