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CANCEL the show Alaskan Bush People!!

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The reality television stars Billy, Amora, Joshua, Solomon, Gabriel, and Noah Brown of the “Alaskan Bush People” have been charged for their falsification and theft regarding their Alaska residency and collecting the state's PFD monies. Recently, the attorneys for all the parties came together and offered a plea agreement to the Honorable Juneau Superior Court Judge Philip Pallenberg. Judge Pallenberg rejected the deal. Judge Pallenberg understands the theft of PFD monies is a serious crime and that the punishment needs to reflect the high level of national condemnation to deter others from future PFD fraud. The Judge also wants to the punishment to be more consistent with past sentences for PFD fraud.

The Browns family members purposely stole $20,938.00 - $25,398.00 from the state of Alaska. We hope that at a minimum, all of those monies are returned to include: restitution; community service; jail time; and each person be denied from applying and receiving PFD in the future. Because the Browns are in the public eye, we hope they will be forced to make public service announcements, at their cost, warning other people of the risks of falsifying PFD applications and collecting PFD.

We also hope that all advertisers will cancel their contracts with the Discovery Channel in protest. The Browns are not a wholesome family with good values as they pretend to portray on the show, but a family with questionable ethics that should not be on television. They have a long history of cheating and dishonesty. The PFD fraud is simply something they are being prosecuted for. Amora also deceived Alaska Welfare by pretending to be a single parent, when she was not, so she could collect additional money and services. This show needs to be canceled!

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