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Stop promoting animal cruelty!!

Carson & Barnes Circus and Ringling Brothers are, once again, coming to town thanks to the support of Discount Drug Mart.

When the elephants, monkeys, big cats, and other circus animals aren’t imprisoned in trucks and trains for up to 26 hours at a time, these members of the animal kingdom are doing the tricks taught by torture. Torture is the truest word for the electric shocks, beatings, and lifetimes of neglect documented by reports, investigations, photos, videos, and personal accounts.

The animal circuses glorify their training practices, even falsely claiming that animals enjoy performing.

The truth is, these incredible animals are torn from their parents at a very young age. They are bound and abused to break their spirits. They are trained with brutality. They travel in cramped containers in extreme heat conditions. They do not enjoy this lifestyle, and they display this with classic swaying and other actions that demonstrate stress.

Discount Drug Mart continually supports animal circuses by promoting their events.

If you are not familiar with the animal abuse in circuses, please watch the videos and refer to the following links:

"The Cruelest Show on Earth"

"Whips, Lies and Videotapes"

Transporting of Ringling tigers

Tell Discount Drug Mart we will boycott their chains until they stop promoting animal cruelty.

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